About Wallace Hulley

Wallace Hulley is one of South Africa’s Premier artists who has been painting for over 50 years and is mostly self taught.

He was born in Kwa-Zulu Natal, a province of South Africa and the home of the Zulu tribe.
Hulley has been interested in painting from an early age, but worked as a printer before devoting his life to being a full time painter.

His empathy for the African people , particularly the Xhosa’s, President Mandela’s tribe, gained in working closely with them is reflected in his appealing studies of Xhosa tribesmen and Xhosa women dressed in their colourful ethnic clothing.

The Sunday Times said, “It is startling to find that Wallace Hulley, an artist who concentrated on thick palette – knife application in oil landscapes and figure studies some years ago, should have turned so easily and naturally to working with the more tenuous medium of watercolour.”

Hulley is renowned for his strong horses, donkeys, flowers and portraiture.

The latter reflect remarkable colour control and depth, imparting to the painting a new sense of dimension and feeling. He paints with clean, uncluttered watercolours which flow with ease from his brush.


Hulley’s portraiture was highly commended by the senior lecturer of the Chelsea School of Art in London.
Collectors worldwide have his paintings.
Hulley is also an accomplished sculptor and  released a series of bronze sculptures beautifully created with an accent on the Xhosa theme.

Hulley, an Octogenarian, lives in Somerset West where he continues to paint and exhibit bi-annually from his new studio with the beautiful Helderberg Mountain in his constant and immediate view!

Visitors are welcome – by appointment.